The resources on this page have been curated to assist schools in planning for the effective use of ICT in their everyday practices for improved learning, teaching and administration.

Free ICT Strategic Planning Workshops are offered statewide to support schools in their ongoing planning. Principal Class staff, ICT Leaders, school service and local technicians and ICT team members from DET, Victorian schools are invited to attend.

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Planning for Learning

Learning today demands new pedagogical and technological approaches to using digital technologies for learning. The challenge for schools is to create engaging, supportive learning environments and opportunities that sti8mulate, deepen and transform student learning. These environments must incorporate seamless use of the digital technologies students use ubiquitously in their daily lives.

Strategic school planning needs to take into account the infrastructure and technologies currently available, contemporary and emerging technologies and articulate appropriate instructional strategies that support improved learning and teaching. Planning must also ensure that students know how to use digital technologies and online services efficiently and responsibly, learning how to protect themselves and others and secure their data.

Deep Dive - resources to support targeted focus areas