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Any Minecraft user can explore Mini Melbourne, see the sights and landmarks, and make their own mark on the city. 

If you do get creative, why not share your build using #MiniMelbourne on your favourite social channel or contact us directly on digital.learning@education.vic.gov.au.

We'd love to see what you've created and would really like to incorporate the best builds in future releases of Mini Melbourne, as we expand and add even more detail to the city.

Archaeology Adventure



Archaeology Adventure is the first Metro Tunnel education resource for the Minecraft: Education Edition version of Mini Melbourne. It’s a multiplayer activity based on the 2018 excavations at historically significant sites that were cleared in the centre of Melbourne for the Metro Tunnel Project.

It introduces students to the basic principles of archaeology and the importance of investigating and preserving our heritage. The activity also reinforces teamwork, record keeping and problem-solving skills as students try to uncover as many artefacts as possible and come up with their own interpretation of the site’s history.

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Technical Support





How you explore Mini Melbourne will change depending on what version of Minecraft you have. Learn how to install the correct version, and how to report your feedback with this technical support advice.