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Professional Learning course for teachers

The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER) at the University of Adelaide has created an online self-paced course to support teachers with the new Digital Technologies curriculum. The primary course, available online, is a valuable resource supporting teachers' understanding of the curriculum.


Teach the new curriculum without a computer

Did you know that fifty percent of the new Digital Technologies curriculum can be taught without a computer! Download this CS Unplugged teacher resource book. Complete with a range of classroom activities to get started with your students, teaching them how computers work and how to make them work.


Education in Games

From 23 Oct – 1 Nov, gamers, technology and culture will combine for a week of games-related events. The Education in Games summit will explore the links to learning and teaching in Victorian classrooms and the teaching resources available. Imagine the possibilities for adapting games and technology into your classroom.


Victorian Curriculum

The new Victorian Curriculum defines the knowledge and skills that we expect all Victorian students will have the opportunity to learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum includes the capabilities that students will require to thrive in life and work.