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Centenary of ANZAC Day

Use this resource package to explore the experiences of Australians during wars, conflicts and peacekeeping over time. Packages are a great way to collect useful resources in one place – create your own to use, to share with colleagues or students. Copy this ANZAC package, or others you find in FUSE, and modify them to suit your needs or provide inspiration.


The Great Victorian Coding Challenge

Get creative with maths in the lead-up to Education Week! Students can create and animate characters and games, and win an excursion to Quantum Victoria. Click ‘View’ to see coding resources, including webinars, ideas for classroom activities and more. Click the title above to register for the Challenge and learn more about it.


Teaching ecosystems

Help your students better understand how living things affect the environment and impact each other with resources about Earth's ecosystems. This FUSE resource package is designed to support teachers in their delivery of AusVELS Science. You may use or copy this package and modify it to suit your needs or provide inspiration.


Photos for Class

Enhance your teaching resources with this searchable, online database of Creative Commons images. They can be downloaded for use in the classroom and for other educational purposes. All images have been deemed appropriate for a school setting and they automatically include correct citations and licensing terms.