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The Hour of Code

Create an opportunity for every student, of any age, to try computer science for one hour during 7-13 Dec. Doing so can encourage problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. Anybody can learn and there are tutorials, app suggestions and more. Learn how your school can get involved now.



Want to know the secrets of a flea circus? Or see a flying car from 1949? Explore a range of games, collections, videos, stories and more from UK museums and galleries. There is also a teacher page with activity suggestions.


Disputed territories

Most of the world is divided into separate nations with clear borders. This interactive map shows the locations that do not fit that description. Some territories are claimed by more than one country or occupying force. The conflicts over these territories range from major wars to minor disagreements over remote, uninhabited spots.


Invention timeline

Explore this video timeline in your classroom to show your students the range of scientific and technological inventions created throughout history. See events such as the Wright brothers' first flight or the invention of the synthesiser.