Mathematica - The Basics

This content page features a collection of ten video packages from Wolfram Mathematica. Each includes: a short video (voice and active capture of on-screen movements inputs and outputs)
and the Wolfram Mathematica notebook on which the video is based, showing instructions, input and output with accompanying notes.

There are professional learning resources to support the use of Mathematica in your classroom. Try these packages:

- By Year Level -

Mathematica Notebooks

Wolfram Demonstrations Projects

Explore thousands of free applications across science, mathematics, engineering, technology, business, art, finance, social sciences, and more at Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

There is a daily growing collection of interactive illustrations is created by Mathematica users from around the world who participate by contributing innovative Demonstrations. See some of them here, in this package.

Wolfram Alpha Snippets

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful and flexible on-line computational application that can be used to support teaching and learning in school mathematics. Wolfram Alpha can be used on a mobile phone, iPad, tablet or computer, any device that has internet connection.

All Victorian teachers and students have free access to Wolfram Alpha Pro at school and at home through the Department of Education and training license.

Wolfram Alpha Snippets is a DET publication, in downloadable and editable format, that provides short examples using Wolfram Alpha linked to content from the Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics 7 – 10/10A and from the areas of study for VCE Mathematics studies as applicable.

Wolfram SystemModeler

Wolfram SystemModeler is a complete physical modeling and simulation tool which uses drag and drop functionality to create sophisticated systems. High fidelity models can be built using pre-defined components.  Numerical experiments can then be performed on models to explore system behaviour.

If you are new to SystemModeler you will be surprised at how easy it is to use. Using visual programming techniques, anyone can select pre-defined block elements to explore systems within Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and much more.

View the VCAA SystemModeler for Systems Engineering.

Engineering and Physics Sample Projects

This package of Wolfram resources contains detailed outlines of how to teach a number of Engineering and Physic related topics; including parts lists, coding instructions, and detailed explanations to support teachers and students.

The Microcontroller kit may be of particular use to teachers in the areas of Engineering, VCAL and Physics. Click below to see all of the resources and topics.

Wolfram Programming Lab

Wolfram Programming Lab uses the Wolfram programming language to create programs that introduce users to modern computational thinking. Programming Lab has two components:

Explorations: Small interactive activities that already contain editable code, each exploring topics of interest across multiple subject areas. Explorations let you interact with code in an immersive fashion, providing ideal points of inspiration for learners to try something on their own. 

Elementary Introduction to Wolfram Language: This interactive textbook allows students to go step-by-step and is a rich source of systematic learning and reference.